2D Illustration

A Box to Hide In. Mixed Media 12" x 14"

"The Boob Book"
cut paper, semi-gloss prints
15" x 6" x 12"
Excerpt: “Women have boobs. Usually, they come in bras . . . Meghan's boobs are so big that she loses things between them . . . Boobs are just lumps of mostly fat. Babies like to suck on these lumps. / Sometimes men like to suck on boobs too. / Some men have boobs. But no one likes to suck on those . . .”

Manly. Gouache on paper 12" x 6"

C is for clitoris. Embroidery floss, jersey, and embroidery hoop. 7" x 7"

"Night Flight"
Adobe Illustrator
2” x 6”

Untitled. Mixed Media. 10" x 5"